Tips To Improve Your Korean Language (Beginner)


Some people asked me how and where I learn Korean. Well, actually I’m not that influence to speak and understand Korean. However, I understand what they are talking about although some words make me confused and started to search the meaning on Naver. Yepp, Naver! Use this green site to searching the meaning of Korean words.

Here the link:

However! You do really know how to write hangul. For me, if you know how to write or read hangul, you can do anything to improve your Korean Language. So, how to improve our Korean language? Even you don’t need go to Korean Language Center. Here some tips from me:

1. Learn how to read and write hangul.

You can googling to learn how to read hangul. What hangul is, how to read, how to write, all the information about hangul can be found by googling. Memorize all the hanguls just like you learn ABCD. For me, hangul is just like ABCD, for example, ㄴ = N; ㄱ = G; ㅅ = S; etc. For the consonant, 아 = A; 이 = I; 에 = E; etc. If you know how to read and write, you can step on the next level 🙂

2. Learning Korean Language by watching Korean Variety Show.

You’re hobby watching Korean Variety Show but you’re still can’t understand Korean language? It might you never want to learn Korean Languange. It would be worse when the fact that you actually love to watch for many years. So, if you have an intention to learn, you’re not only enjoy the show but you must learn from watching them.

Match the subtitle to what they speak. For beginner, find the easy word or short word. For example, gwiyeoweo = cute; massiseo = delicious etc.

You can also read the text screen because the text screen is actually useful to makes us more understand what they say (if the text screen matching to what they speak). Sometime, the speaker doesn’t speak clearly. This makes us can’t speak clearly too and it would make you embrasse if you talk in front of native speaker. For example, I oftenly heard someone said “KIyowo” but actually it was “GWIyeoweo”, and many more.

So, if you can read and write hangul, you can write down for memorizing. It really helpful 🙂

Actually, that was my ways to learn Korean Language. I went to Korean Language Center (KLC) for only a month and decided to quit because of my job. So, let say I never go to KLC because I got the beginner lesson while I already got that lesson by myself. If you want to improve your speaking skill, I suggest you to go to KLC.

This is my 6th year learning Korean and watching Korean variety show. Sometimes, I watch the show with subtitles and sometimes I’m not. I think watching the show with subtitles still needed to improve our Korean Language and adding our vocarbs.

Well, may you need a site to write hangul, I’m usually using this site . However, once again, you must know how to write hangul and put it on that site.

If you understand Korean Language, you don’t need to working hard and waiting for subtitles 🙂 Let me know if these tips as same as yours or work on you! Or, you can ask me anything about your problem to learn Korean Language. Fighting!

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