Great Detail Interior Design From Alice Tea Room in Malang


It’s been 6 months since my young sister left her hometown for work. She got accepted at branch office as e-Commerce Officer in Malang. We do really strange with this city but we were actually not since my father was born here. From what I remember, the very last time we’ve visited Apple City (city nickname of Malang) when we were in junior school.

Separuh Nyemplukku poses at Branch Office 1 in Malang.

Almost of my father’s side is here except my grandpa and grandma since they were came to Jember after my father is here. However, I rarely invited by my father to visit his hometown except for important invitation from his side. It means, that was 12 years ago since my last time to got here. I totally forgot about how could be this city is. All I remember is the haunted villa at Lawang. I really amazed by the villa that stands beautifully at the hill of Lawang. You can search ‘Villa Erni Lawang’ on google. Too bad, that was 12 years ago, I shocked when I was go there 6 months ago after 12 years, the villa was tragically destroyed by the nature. I know, it’s because the villa already abandoned for around twenty years something. Okay, let’s forget about the villa!

My father (standing fourth from left) 4 years before he left for Jember in 1988. He was also a traveler and a scout before.


(Oh, I remember about something! I visited Batu in 2009 hahaha But, I forgot about the villa. Where was I? Slept? Oh no!) 

So, I came back visited Malang 6 months ago for the first time after more than a decade. I go there for a couple times to visit my young sister who stays there. I was hunting for foods and good places. I love food, and I really love have a chitchat. I’m following some accounts of kuliner Malang, so, if I found some good places and foods, I will visit it later.

Me and my sister. Do we look-alike?
Me and my sister. Do we look-alike?

Alice Tea Room was my something of number to visit place. I found it through instagram. I love this place because it’s very unique. Plus, vintage flower is my favorite one.

I found the details every corner at this place. One of them is unplugger. The design is flowery. Cute! (Sorry I forgot to take the picture).



How about the menus? You will find it expensive but not very. I can’t really remember the price range but I think it’s above IDR 15.000. I satisfied with the service as well.


However, I found felt uncomfortable with the sofa that I sat on. I thought it would be soft but I waswrong. Warning! No wi-fi for those who really need it! But, it’s okay for me!


Conclusion, I was here for some spots to take a picture and the menus satisfied me who felt very hungry at that time (or I felt satisfied because I was hungry? I mean, I need some foods).

Will I come back? I don’t know but I don’t think so because I want to visit other unique place. But, I will say yes because I want to try their handmade pie in a jar and cakes.

Have you ever been visited this place? Or maybe you want to visit it? What do you think?

Check my food diary @foodgramsisters on instagram.

Behind the Scene.

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I got there for about 30-40 minutes. I actually could get there for about 10-15 minutes only but the traffic shocked me. I visited the place at the same time as 70th Muktamar Nahdatul Ulama Event which is held in Malang this year. The traffics were so full with hundreds of buses and thousands participants. I know this news before but it was unexpectedly crushed with my lunch. The event ended early than I expected. But, it’s okay, it would give me some experiences, so, I could enjoy the big event as well. It was so happy and felt sorry for the mothers (and the bus drivers) who participated because they looked very tired. I know they did it happily.

Watch the video below for Alice Tea Room tour. This video was taken by Malang Kuliner.

Alice Tea Room
Jalan Rinjani No. 5 Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
instagram: alicetearoom_mlg

All pictures was taken on March 27th, 2016.



3 thoughts on “Great Detail Interior Design From Alice Tea Room in Malang

    1. iya nih aku udh jarang bgt jajan di jember kecuali kalo si adek dateng. Males banget mau keluar rumah. Jadi njajan jember aku ganti nama hahaha. Ayo nongki di Malang 😀 Aku bbrp waktu lalu yg kamu posting liburan, aku masuk blog kamu juga loh cm aku ngga komen. Aku liat chibi2 juga yg pada komen2an :p


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