A Day at GM253

#This articles actually I posted on my other blog about my hometown, Jember.#



Jember, Aug 20, 2015.

My sister as a college student (back at that time) and a fighter for her last project has a hobby to finishing her project at outside of home such a cafe or resto, I don’t know why but once I asked her, why she would like to finishing her project at outside? It is because her brain wouldn’t stuck, relax and enjoy the moment. I just like “Huh?”. Well, every person have their selves feeling. While me, only at home with good spot and listening a music through earphone. That’s more focus for me other than in the outside.


So, I introduced to her a place once day. We had our dining experience at that time. However, my sister loves the place and her coffee at that night. Yes, she loves coffee! That’s not her last to visit the place. She visited the place again with her project in hand, lol. She found a good place! She got her coffee and some meals then focus to finishing her project. Since she’s a information system student she must needs power plugs and socket for her laptop. Sst, she needs to focus, guys! hahaha~ She even invited her friends to finishing their project in this place too! Oh my! hahaha
We had a good time at GM253 Hotel & Resto, Jalan Gajah Mada No. 253 Jember. It such a good place and menus. We only had experience in the resto but not the hotel. So, we’re only talking about the resto for our diary here.


The place is comfortable. The resto have indoor and outdoor seats and several good spots. We mostly decided to sitting at outdoor since the outdoor seat is more comfortable for us.



The menus for this restaurant are mostly for family serving. Chineese foods and Indonesian foods are their special menu. Food and drink menus are good enough for you who loves to eat. There are so many optional menus for you who may a picky person. So, you may not be confuse what kind of food that you want to eat. The food and drink price here range from IDR 5,000 to around IDR 100,000. It’s cheap enough, right? Relax and enjoy the moment!

P.S. I feel like miss my sister ㅠㅠ


GM253 Hotel & Resto

Jalan Gajah Mada No. 253

Kaliwates, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

+62331 486561

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