ANANDAYUHEE is working alias for freelance subtitler and translator focusing on Korean variety show. Based in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. I specialize in translating and subtitling. Born and raised in Jember in the beginning of 90s era. They also called me CEMIT.




Accidently, became a nasyid member in my high school year with three other members because my friend asked me to fill the empty spot. Alhamdulillah, we got mostly second place and favorite appearance.

Dreamed to be an announcer during my teenage years and the dream came true while in my second year of college. Forced to resign by my Mother after struggling while finishing my thesis and ended up to listen her with all my positive thinking.




Before graduating from accounting degree, I used to teach Korean language for months but decided to hiatus for a while. I also have a food diary instagram account along with my sister since I love eating even I don’t want to ‘work’ while eating! It means I’m a bit picky.

I chose a cafe instead shopping because you can listen to many stories when you have a cup of tea. I chose shopping instead a beach even I feel so pressure and dizzy when I’m shopping but let say I’m an udik person who love see sparkling things. I chose go to a beach instead a mountain because I love how the wind blows and hit my face. It feels they help me to release my stress! However, I know how fun when we are at the top after for hours of climbing.

Lychee and chocolate are my favorites for my beverages. Lemon tea and iced orange are the next. I’m not a coffee lover because I better to drink something sweet even though mocca float is attracted me. Soda and bottled drinks are my very last option! If I have no choice. And do not ever give me green beans! I will let them go from my menu for free for you.

I once became a book reviewer from four boys who pursue their dream as a dentist (at that time back in 2013). *Thank you, Team Peak. That was such an amazing experience!




Currently back again working as freelance Korean translator and social media support of Embassy Republic Korea in Indonesia. Read my article about launching social media support of Embassy Republic Korea in Indonesia HERE.



My past jobs are radio announcer and editor and editorial support and promo in KapanLagi.com (https://www.kapanlagi.com/author/mita-anandayu). Running a website all about Korea named HALLYU STORY. Read HERE.




My article about freelance Korean translator. Klik the image for the link.

Well, my daily routine involves enjoying Korean variety show while working, and vice versa. I’m a huge fan of Super Junior and INFINITE.


Read my story when I met Super Junior and TVXQ in Yogyakarta. Here it is my CATATAN EDITORIAL: Ketemu SUJU & TVXQ di Jogja, Ngomong Bahasa Korea dengan Kru SBS.

Me and Mr. Kim Chang Beom, Ambassador Korea to Indonesia in Launching of Sahabat Korea, January 19th, 2019 at Embassy Republic Korea in Indonesia.


Me visiting Korea Tourism Organization at Wisma GKBI Jakarta.

If you need a subtitler for Korean variety show, you can contact me at anandayuhee[at]naver[dot]com for further information.