Korean Music Industry: KPop Backup Dancers Team, YAMA & Hotchicks (야마앤핫칙스)!

YAMA & Hotchicks Dancer Team

As Kpop lover, sometimes I got my attention for a group whose behind the idol. They are not only as a group whom helps the idols but also they were behind idols successed. One of them is YAMA & Hotchicks!

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New MBC Variety Program, 아빠, 어디가? (Dad, Where Are You Going?) Review + Character




‘Dad, Where Are You Going‘, a new variety show from MBC, which began airing on January 6th, 2013 after ‘I Am a Singer 2‘. It’s about five celebrity fathers and their young children going on various trips around the country. The kids are lovely and too cute and it would be my favorite program. Ratings constantly rose as the interaction between the children and their fathers, as well as a sparking romance between the children, gained attention. In this post I will review all about Dad, kid, and the review about this variety program.

Let me Introduce to you about Dad and his kid.

1. The cast consists of actor Sung Dong-il, 46 years old.


His son Sung Joon, 7 years old.



Sung Joon is such a cool kid but he listen his father as well. He’s good boy and afraid at his father at first but from this variety he realized that his father loves him.

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Are You Familiar With 애교 (aegyo)? Spread Aegyo For Beautiful World, ppuing ppuing~!

Have you ever heard of the term “aegyo”? Are you familiar with “aegyo”? How familiar?

For those who are unaware, at first I will explain what aegyo is.

In practical terms: A Korean word that refers to the act of people (particularly Korean girls) employing a sickeningly cutesy behavior in an attempt to appear attractive (usually towards boys). When using aegyo, girls tend to speak in incredibly annoying baby-talk voices. In conclusion, “aegyo” is a Korean word that represents a cute, innocent, and yet vivacious charm.

If you have been into the KPOP craze for a while, this term should be something you are familiar with. “Aegyo” can either be endearing with moderation but in many cases it could be a controversial thing where it calls upon a punch like many people would describe it.

Aegyo is quite debatable, it can be quite charming but it really depends on the individual. With this said, usually “aegyo” is common with females and something undesirable for men to attempt. As society develops, it is getting more acceptable for men to participate in the arts of aegyo.

Aegyo tip: If you want to be excellent at contemporary aegyo, when speaking to a boy, *always* call him oppa. Yes, even if he’s younger than you; who cares about the word’s *actual* *correct* usage! Just go ahead and call him oppa anyway, you annoying you. And remember, if you say “oppa” after practically every other word, the effect is even more powerful!

There are so many ways to do “aegyo”. For example:

1. Ppuing Ppuing Method ㅋㅋㅋ

Almost all people doing aegyo used this method. How to do? Watch this video.

2. 귀요미 (cute) Player Method

I don’t know who the first founder for this aegyo but Ilhoon is the one who spread it and became popular among artist.

  • Ilhoon Version
  • Yoseob Version 
  • Sunggyu Version
  • Sehun Version
  • Jonghyun and Minhyuk (CN Blue) Version


3. Free Style Aegyo Method

  • Key Version
  • Sungmin (Super Junior) Version
  • Yoseob Version
  • Minah (Girl’s Day) Version 


It just several example for doing aegyo. You can add your favorite aegyo or more info about aegyo by leave a comment.

So,  Which method do you like the most? Who’s aegyo do you love the most? ㅋ ㅋ Spread this aegyo for our beautiful world~! 뿌잉 뿌잉~ chu~ 뿅 <3^^




사랑해요, I love you~ ❤







credit: youtube.com | blog.ningin.com