A Wonderful Experience as a Korean Translator


I have free time to blogging again even only a day. I was confused what should I write. Oh, by the way, I made this blog with a domain name. Yuhuuuu! Finally! I was hesitated since I made this blog around 5 years ago to make domain name. Until last night was my final decision.

So, this is my first story with domain name hahaha.

Back to 2009. I was 19 years old at that time. One of my friend introduced to me a lot about Korean variety show. She told me to watching We Got Married, a popular tv show about idols who will be pairing to becomes a virtual married couple. “You should watching Jokwon and Gain!”, she said. Yes, Jokwon from 2AM and Gain from Brown Eyed Girls are one of couples who to be casted on this program. I found they were fun and this program such a lovely concept. That was my first time enjoying Korean variety show and amazingly until now, a lot!

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Korean Music Industry: KPop Backup Dancers Team, YAMA & Hotchicks (야마앤핫칙스)!

YAMA & Hotchicks Dancer Team

As Kpop lover, sometimes I got my attention for a group whose behind the idol. They are not only as a group whom helps the idols but also they were behind idols successed. One of them is YAMA & Hotchicks!

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Are You Familiar With 애교 (aegyo)? Spread Aegyo For Beautiful World, ppuing ppuing~!

Have you ever heard of the term “aegyo”? Are you familiar with “aegyo”? How familiar?

For those who are unaware, at first I will explain what aegyo is.

In practical terms: A Korean word that refers to the act of people (particularly Korean girls) employing a sickeningly cutesy behavior in an attempt to appear attractive (usually towards boys). When using aegyo, girls tend to speak in incredibly annoying baby-talk voices. In conclusion, “aegyo” is a Korean word that represents a cute, innocent, and yet vivacious charm.

If you have been into the KPOP craze for a while, this term should be something you are familiar with. “Aegyo” can either be endearing with moderation but in many cases it could be a controversial thing where it calls upon a punch like many people would describe it.

Aegyo is quite debatable, it can be quite charming but it really depends on the individual. With this said, usually “aegyo” is common with females and something undesirable for men to attempt. As society develops, it is getting more acceptable for men to participate in the arts of aegyo.

Aegyo tip: If you want to be excellent at contemporary aegyo, when speaking to a boy, *always* call him oppa. Yes, even if he’s younger than you; who cares about the word’s *actual* *correct* usage! Just go ahead and call him oppa anyway, you annoying you. And remember, if you say “oppa” after practically every other word, the effect is even more powerful!

There are so many ways to do “aegyo”. For example:

1. Ppuing Ppuing Method ㅋㅋㅋ

Almost all people doing aegyo used this method. How to do? Watch this video.

2. 귀요미 (cute) Player Method

I don’t know who the first founder for this aegyo but Ilhoon is the one who spread it and became popular among artist.

  • Ilhoon Version
  • Yoseob Version 
  • Sunggyu Version
  • Sehun Version
  • Jonghyun and Minhyuk (CN Blue) Version


3. Free Style Aegyo Method

  • Key Version
  • Sungmin (Super Junior) Version
  • Yoseob Version
  • Minah (Girl’s Day) Version 


It just several example for doing aegyo. You can add your favorite aegyo or more info about aegyo by leave a comment.

So,  Which method do you like the most? Who’s aegyo do you love the most? ㅋ ㅋ Spread this aegyo for our beautiful world~! 뿌잉 뿌잉~ chu~ 뿅 <3^^




사랑해요, I love you~ ❤







credit: youtube.com | blog.ningin.com

Industry Music Korea: KPOP Hits Maker 이단옆차기 (Duble Sidekick/ Double Sidekick)

Mikey (Chance) and Jang Geun Yi

It’s been long time since I didn’t post any story or news on my blog. For this time I will post one of the best Korean songwriter, 이단옆차기 (Duble Sidekick/ Double Sidekick). Duble Sidekick is my favorite composer because they makes awesome songs. They’re already all over the 2012 KPOP charts. Boyband? Girlgroup? Soloist? Dance Pop? Ballad? DONE by them and ALL KILL!

Michael Kim, also known as Chance from the vocal group One Way, is the man who built the team of composers known as Duble Sidekick. Chance created a name for himself in 2011 by producing superb b-sides for the likes of 2PM and Super Junior, male groups seeking smooth and sensual pieces to complement their title tracks. He partnered with lyricist Park Jang Geun to form the original team of Duble Sidekick in the end of 2011.

Here the songs from Duble Sidekick productions from 2011 until 2013:

1. Bang Yong Guk feat Yang Yoseob B2ST – I Remember

2. MBLAQ – Scribble

3. MBLAQ – It’s War

4. MBLAQ – Run

5. Miryo aka JOHONEY (BEG) – Dirty

6. Baek Ji Young feat Junhyung B2ST – Good Boy

7. HAHA feat Skull – Busan Vacation

8. SISTAR – Loving U

9. Super Junior – A Short Journey composed by Chance (Dubleside Kick) & Donghae Super Junior

10. Donghae & Eunhyuk – I Wanna Love You composed by Chance (Dubleside Kick) & Donghae Super Junior

11. Super Junior – Y composed by Chance (Dubleside Kick) & Donghae Super Junior

12. Kim Tae Woo – When I Look At Myself

13. NS Yoon G feat Jay Park – If You Love Me

14. DMTN – E.R

15. B.A.P – Crash

16. B.A.P – STOP IT

17. B1A4 – Tried To Walk composed by Jin Young, Baro & Duble Sidekick

18. The Seeya feat Tae Woon of SPEED – Be With You

19. The Seeya feat Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) – Poison

20. LeeSsang feat Eugene of The Seeya – Tears

21. DMTN – Safety Zone

22. SPEED feat DAVICHI – Sad Promise

23. NS Yoon G – The Reason I Became a Witch

24. T-ara N4 – Countryside Life (Duble Sidekick also appears on this MV)

25. SISTAR – Give It To Me

(Duble Sidekick composed this song with David Kim and Jo Yeong Soo)

27. Huh Gak and Jung Eun Ji (APink) – Short Hair

28. UV feat Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) – Because of You

29. Lyn feat Junhyung (B2ST) – Breakable Heart

30. ZE:A – Ghost of The Wind


Duble Sidekick with B.A.P


Duble Sidekick with SISTAR
Duble Sidekick with HAHA & Skull
Duble Sidekick with MBLAQ’s Seungho
DK & Sandeul
Duble Sidekick with B1A4’s Sandeul
Duble Sidekick with B1A4
Kang Hodong, Mikey, Jang Geun, Yoon Jongshin
Lee Seung Gi and Mikey
NS Yoon Ji and Mikey
Mikey (Chance) and Jang Geun Yi





Mikey and Jun.K


Jun.K, Jang Geun, and Mikey


Duble Sidekick


Jang Geun, Kim Tae Woo, and Mikey


Dublekick’s Studio


Dublekick’s Jang Geun Yi


Dublekick’s Jang Geun Yi


Jang Geun Yi and Eru
Jang Geun, Jang Geun and Jang Geun at Dublekick’s Studio ㅋㅋ

Duble Sidekick also composed song for ZE:A, Zia, and Huh Gak. In 2012 Duble Sidekick known as Duble Kick received “Songwriter Award” at the Melon Music Awards and became BEST PRODUCER for allkpop awards! Drawing upon its success, it’s recently started the management label Duble Entertainment. 





What do you think? Do you have same think as mine? They awesome, right? I always anticipate their next song.

By the way, you can add other song maybe I did not post on this article by leave a comment.

Find about them on twitter for their current activity Chance/ Mikey (@onewaychance) and Park Jang Geun (@rudeboy1082)

사랑해요, I love You ❤


credit: seoulbeats.com | @onewaychance | @rudeboy1082 | youtube.com

Let’s To Know Korean Dialect (사투리)

First we should to know what dialect is.

What is a dialect?
1. A regional variety of language: a regional variety of a language, with differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

2. A language spoken by class or profession: a form of a language spoken by members of a particular social class or profession.

What’s the different with accent?

A manner of pronunciation: a way of pronouncing words that indicates the place of origin or social background of the speaker.

Have you ever know about Korean dialect?

How far? Let’s share here~^^

I put together from so many sources to make this article. So, we can learn together about Korean dialect here.

Sorry, if I have wrong on my article, correct me^^

Let’s get started!

A number of different Korean dialects are spoken in the Korean peninsula. The peninsula is extremely mountainous, and each dialect’s “territory” corresponds closely to the natural boundaries between different geographical regions. Most of the dialects are named for one of Korea’s traditional Eight Provinces.

In South Korea, Standard Korean is defined by the National Institute of the Korean Language as “the modern speech of Seoul widely used by the well-cultivated” (교양있는 사람들이 두루 쓰는 현대 서울말). In practice, it tends not to include features that are found exclusively in Seoul.


Korea is a mountainous country, and Korean is consequently divided into numerous small local dialects. There are few clear demarcations, so dialect classification is necessarily to some extent arbitrary. Nonetheless, the following divisions are commonly cited in the literature:

  • Hamgyŏng dialects (함경 방언), also called Northeastern dialects. Spoken in the Hamgyŏng (Kwanbuk & Kwannam) region, northeast corner of P’yŏng’an, and Ryanggang Province of North Korea as well as the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northeast China (in Jilin). Nine vowels: the eight of the standard language plus ö.
    • Northwestern dialects
      • P’yŏng’an dialects (평안방언). Spoken in P’yŏngyang (though not the basis of the official language), the P’yŏng’an region, Chagang Province, and neighboring Liaoning Province of China.
      • Hwanghae dialects (황해 방언). Spoken in the Hwanghae (Haesŏ) region of North Korea. Commonly included among the Central dialects, but do not fit there comfortably.
      • Yukchin dialect. Spoken in the historical Yukchin area of northern North Hamgyŏng province, far removed from P’yŏng’an, but has more in common with P’yŏng’an dialects than with the surrounding Hamgyŏng dialects.
    • Central dialects. Commonly divided along provincial boundaries:
      • Seoul dialect (서울말), also called Gyeonggi. Spoken in Gyeonggi, Incheon, Seoul (South Korea), and Kaesŏng (North Korea). The basis of the standard language.
      • Yeongseo dialects (영서 방언). Spoken in the Yeongseo region of Gangwon Province in South Korea and neighbouring Kangwŏn Province in North Korea, to the west of the Taebaek Mountains. Though commonly subsumed under Gangwon dialect (강원 방언), Yeongseo is quite distinct from the Yeongdong dialects to the east of the mountains.
      • Chungcheong dialects (충청 방언). Spoken in the Chungcheong (Hoseo) region of South Korea, including the city of Daejeon.
    • Yoengdong dialects (영동 방언). Spoken in the Yeongdong region of Gangwon Province in South Korea and neighbouring Kangwŏn Province in North Korea, to the east of the Taebaek Mountains. Though commonly subsumed under Gangwon dialect (강원 방언), Yeongdong is quite distinct from the Central Korean dialects to the east of the mountains.
    • Gyeongsang dialects (경상 방언), also called Southeastern dialects. Spoken in Gyeongsang (Yeongnam) region of South Korea, including the cities of Busan, Daegu, and Ulsan. This dialect is easily distinguished from the Seoul dialect because its pitch is more varied. Six vowels, i, e, a, eo, o, u.
    • Jeolla dialects (전라 방언), also called Southwestern dialects. Spoken in the Jeolla (Honam) region of South Korea, including the city of Gwangju. Ten vowels: i, e, ae, a, ü, ö, u, o, eu, eo.
    • Jeju dialect (제주 방언) is spoken on Jeju Island, off the southwest coast of South Korea, and is sometimes considered a separate Koreanic language. The nine vowels of Middle Korean, including arae-a (ɔ). May have additional consonants as well.

So, let we start from Seoul Dialect.

Seoul dialect always can find on all Korean programme. They’re always using Seoul dialect for their programme because Seoul dialect to used standart.



Hello? (on phone)

What’s wrong?

Kpop Idol who came from Seoul are

– Ajoo
– A-Narin
– Bae Doona
– Bae Jung Ok
– Baek Hyun Soo (Triple Effect)
– Bae Yongjoon; Mapo-gu
– B-Bomb (Block B)
– Black (Twi-light)
– Bom (2NE1)
– Boom [moved to Gyunggi-do]
– Chance (One Way) [moved to Koreatown, Los Angeles, California, U.S]
– Changmin (TVXQ)
– Chansung (2PM)
– Chris (Battle) [moved to Los Angeles, California, U.S]
– CL (2NE1) [moved to Tokyo, Japan]
– Daekyu (Tachyon)
– Daesung (BIG BANG)
– Dahee (La. G)
– Dongseon (RH)
– Dongwoon (BEAST)
– Eugene (S.E.S)
– Eunjung (T-ARA)
– Eunyul (G.IAM)
– E.via
– Gayoon (4Minute)
– G-Dragon (BIG BANG)
– Geunyoung (B.Dolls)
– Ghun (X-5)/Hwarang (3Chongsa)
– Gong Hyo Jin
– Goo Hye Sun
– Go Youngwook; Chungwoon-dong, Jongno-gu
– Haeryoung (EXID)
– Haewon (X-5)/Sasha (3Chongsa)
– Ha Ji Won
– Han Ji Min
– Hannah (May Queen)
– Hayeon (B.Dolls)
– Heechun (Twi-light)
– Heora
– Himchan (B.A.P)
– Hoick (AA)
– Honey (EXID)
– Hwanhee
– Hyojoon (A-JAX)
– Hyomin (T-ARA)
– Hyosuk (LED Apple)
– Hyuksung (Space Cowboy)
– Hyuna (4Minute)
– Hyungjoon (SS501)
– Hyungshik (ZE:A)
– Hyungyoung (Rainbow)
– I.an (La. G)
– Jaehyung (A-JAX)
– Jaekyung (Rainbow)
– Jaeyoon (Twi-light)
– Jang Geun Suk
– Jang Nara
– Jay (The BOSS)
– Jaerim (M.Peror)
– Jeon Ji Hyun
– Jieun (Piggy Dolls)
– Jieun (Secret)
– Jihee (Sunny Days)
– Ji-u (Chi Chi)
– Jiyeon (Piggy Dolls); Yangcheon-gu
– Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Jiyoon (4Minute)
– Jonghun (F.T Island)
– Jonghyun (SHINee)
– Joon (MBLAQ); Jongno-gu
– Joowon (AA)
– Jo Sung Mo
– Jung So Min
– Jung Woo Sung
– Junhyung (BEAST)
– Junyoung (ZE:A)
– Juyeon (After School)
– Kangin (Super Junior)
– Keonu (LED Apple)
– Kibum (Super Junior)
– Kihyun (Battle)
– Kim Ah Joong
– Kimchi (AA)
– Kim Dong Ryul
– Kim Haneul
– Kim Heesun
– Kim Hyungjun (SS501)
– Kim Hyunjung (SS501)
– Kim Jae Won
– Kim Junghwa
– Kim Kap Soo
– Kim Minjong
– Kim Soyeon
– Kim Taewoo
– Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
– Kyumin (LED Apple)
– Kwanghee (ZE:A)
– Lee Boyoung
– Lee Dong Gun
– Lee Jaehak (Loveholic)
– Lee Jaehoon (Cool)
– Lee Jaewon (H.O.T/JTL)
– Lee Jihoon; Dobong-gu
– Lee Minho
– Lee Seung Chul
– Lee Seunggi
– Lee Sooyoung
– Leeteuk (Super Junior)
– Lee Yoonji
– Lee Yowon
– Lim Jeonghee
– Lio (Battle)
– L.Joe (Teen Top)
– Meilin
– Mika (The BOSS)
– Min (As One)
– Min (Miss A)
– Min Sun (Piggy Dolls)
– Myung Sebin
– Na Eun (A-Pink)
– Noah (BOYZ)
– Ock Juhyun (FIN.K.L)
– Paengi (Leader’S T)
– Park Bom (2NE1) [moved to Los Angeles, California, U.S; age 12/13]
– Park Jinhee
– Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d) [moved to Garden Grove, California, U.S]
– Park Jungmin (SS501)
– Park Kyung Lim
– Peter (One Way) [moved to Sydney, Australia]
– Rahyun (La. G)
– Rain
– Ricky (Teen Top); Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu
– Ryu (Battle)
– Ryu Siwon
– Sanghyuk (Click B)
– Sangmi (RH)
– Seohyun (Girls Generation)
– Seomi (B.Dolls)
– Seo Taiji
– Seunghyun (LED Apple); Nowon-gu
– Seungyeon (KARA)
– Shin Ki Hyun
– Shin Minah
– Siwan (Twi-light)
– Siwon (Super Junior)
– So Jisub
– Song Seungheon
– Song Yoona
– Sooeun (Gangkiz)
– Soohyun (Sunny Days)
– Sori
– Soyeon; Jongno
– St. Day
– Sung Jin (Space Cowboy)
– Sung Joon
– Sungmoon (RH)
– Sunye (Wonder Girls)
– Taehun (ZE:A)
– Taemin (SHINee)
– Taesung (Twi-light)
– Taewoon (Co-Ed School); Mapo-gu
– Tanya (La. G)
– T.K (C-Clown)
– Tony An (H.O.T) [moved to Cerritos, California, U.S]
– T.O.P (Big Bang)
– Vega (G.IAM)
– Woosang (AA)
– Yeonshil (Leader’S T)
– Yewon (B.Dolls)
– Yonghwa (CN Blue) [moved to Busan; age 2]
– Yoochun (TVXQ) [moved to Fairfax, Virgina, U.S]
– Yoo Hana
– Yoo Jae Suk
– Yooji (EXID)
– Yoo Jitae
– Yoona (Girls Generation)
– Yoon Eun Hye
– Yoonyoung (A-JAX)
– Yooseul (Leader’S T)
– Yoseob (BEAST)
– Youngjun (LED Apple)
– Young Sky (One Way) [moved to Sydney, Australia and then to Los Angeles, California, U.S]
– Younha
– Zico (Block B); Mapo-gu
– Zin Taehwa (Battle)

Busan Dialect


You are pretty



Did You Eat?



Thank You

고마 해라


Answer it



You also can hear Busan dialect when watch Answered 1997 or Simon D dialect is Busan.

Kpop Idol who came from Busan are

– An Jaemo
– Changmin (2AM) [moved to Kangnam-gu, Seoul]
– Choi Ji Woo
– Daehyun (B.A.P)
– Dongjoon (ZE:A)
– Eunji (A-Pink)
– Gong Yoo
– Hoya (Infinite)
– Hwichan (Battle)
– Jaehyo (Block B)
– Jang Hyuk
– Jenny (SKarf)
– Jonghyun (CN Blue)
– Jung Ga Eun
– Jun1 (BOYZ)
– Kangon (M.Peror)
– Kim Yoon Seok
– Lizzy (After School)
– Lee Junki
– Lua (La. G)
– Minhyun (NU’EST)
– Miu (Bella)
– Park Shiyeon
– Ren (NU’EST)
– Sandara (2NE1) [moved to Philippines; age 8]
– Sandeul (B1A4)
– Seungjin (A-JAX)
– Seyong (MYNAME)
– Simon D (Supreme Team)
– Siwan (ZE:A)
– Sunhwa (Secret)
– Taecyeon (2PM) [moved to Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S; age 12]
– Thunder (MBLAQ) [moved to Philippines; age 2]
– Wooyoung (2PM)
– Yesol (Leader’S T)

Jeju Island Dialect



Thank you

Nice to meet you

What are you doing?
뭐 햄수꽈?

Welcome. Thank you for visiting.
혼저옵서예. 초자와줭 고맙수다.
hon-jeo-op-seo-ye. cho-ja-wa-jwong-go-map-su-da.

Kpop idol who came from Jeju are

– Baekho (NU’EST)
– Heechul (ZE:A)
– Soyou (Sistar)

ChungCheong Dialect

The Chungcheong dialects of Korean (Hangul: 충청도 방언/사투리) are spoken in the Chungcheong (Hoseo) region of South Korea, including the city of Daejon.

Chungcheong dialect can be divided into two categories: the Northern Chungcheong dialect, notable for its similarity capital Gyeonggi region speech and the Southern dialect, closer to the Jeolla dialect. Chungcheong dialect is notable for its slow enunciations and unique jargon. It usually replaces the standard ~겠다 at the end of sentences with ‘~것다’ and uses phrases such as ‘기여’ (yes) instead of the standard ‘맞다’ or ‘근디’ (but) instead of ‘그런데’. Chungcheong people may occasionally pronounce the ending form ‘~이니까’ with ‘~이니께’. Similar to the Jeolla dialect, Chungcheong dialect often transforms the vowel ㅐ with ㅕ instead of ㅑ, which may be more common in other dialects. However due to the proliferation of Seoul standardization in cities such as Daejon, Chungcheong dialect is difficult to hear outside of the rural regions of the province

One way you will immediately recognize a typical Chungcheong dialect is the person will end their sentences with a “yoo” when using jondae mal instead of the standard “yeo”





Kpop Idol who came from Chungcheong are

– CNU (B1A4); Cheongju-si
– Han Hyo Joo; Cheongju-si
– Hyori; Cheongwon-gun
– Hyosung (Secret); Cheongju-si
– Lee Bum Soo; Cheongju-si
– Lee Seung Hyo; Cheongju-si
– Jieun (Secret); Cheongju-si
– Jinyoung (B1A4); Cheongju-si
– Maru (C-Clown); Cheongju-si
– Nana (After School); Cheongju-si
– Uhm Junghwa
– Uhm Taewoong

Gyeongsang Dialect


Hello? (on phone)



What’s wrong?

와그라노 or 와카노

wa-geu-ra-no or wa-ka-no

Kpop Idol who came from Gyeongsang

– Chorong (A-Pink)
– Eunkyo (5Dolls, Co-Ed School); Changwon-si
– Go Ara; Jinju-si
– Hwang Jung Min; Masan-si
– Kang Ho Dong
– Kim Sungsoo (Cool)
– Lee Minki; Gimhae-si
– Minwoo (ZE:A); Yangsan-si
– Sangmin (Cross Gene); Jinju-si
– Sulli (f(x)); Yangsan-si [moved to Busan]
– Youngwon (Dalmatian); Tongyoung-si

Let me show you video sample for Korean dialect

B1A4 speaks dialect (Busan, Soonchun, Chungju, Gwangju, and Cheongju)

SHINee’s Key speaks in Daegu dialect [1]

SHINee’s Key speaks in Daegu dialect [2]

Apink’s Eun Ji vs Simon D Busan dialect

So that’s all I know about Korean dialect. Hope this information is useful ^^

사랑해요, I love you~ ❤


credit: soompi.com | wikipedia.com | youtube.com (as tagged) | kpoplist.com