A Wonderful Experience as a Korean Translator


I have free time to blogging again even only a day. I was confused what should I write. Oh, by the way, I made this blog with a domain name. Yuhuuuu! Finally! I was hesitated since I made this blog around 5 years ago to make domain name. Until last night was my final decision.

So, this is my first story with domain name hahaha.

Back to 2009. I was 19 years old at that time. One of my friend introduced to me a lot about Korean variety show. She told me to watching We Got Married, a popular tv show about idols who will be pairing to becomes a virtual married couple. “You should watching Jokwon and Gain!”, she said. Yes, Jokwon from 2AM and Gain from Brown Eyed Girls are one of couples who to be casted on this program. I found they were fun and this program such a lovely concept. That was my first time enjoying Korean variety show and amazingly until now, a lot!

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