Must Visit Place When I’m in Malang

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I oftenly come to Malang for my sister. There’s no place that I knew than some cafes. I only looking for food recommendation since me and my sister don’t have the time to visit some interesting places in Malang. So sad.


I don’t know how I knew this place and their menu but I got attracted by the name, Baegopa? which means “Are you hungry?”. It’s Korean language. For what I remember, at first I thought they have Korean menus. But, I was a bit shocked there’s no Korean menus on it. I decided to visit this place at my first time after a long-time came to Malang.

Chicken Neon.
Chicken Cordon Bleu

You will be shocked with the huge portion. You must really have empty storage in your stomach! At my first try, it makes me become addict to this taste! It’s specialized for chicken fillet. My favorite one is Chicken Neon. Chicken fillet with cheese sauce. Me and my sister always recom this place to our friends who visit Malang. Well, it will depends on your taste! Baegopa? House of Hungry only can be found in Malang (Jalan Suhat & Jalan Mundu), Bali, and Palu.




I always come to eat when I start my day in Malang and at the end of my day hahaha. Delicious food for sure will makes you fat 😀


Noted: The photos tagged as @njajanndekjember. @njajanndekjember is my food diary instagram account along with my sisters that changed to be @foodgramsisters. All photos taken by me and my sister in September, 2015. This post is not endorsement.

Great Detail Interior Design From Alice Tea Room in Malang


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